We start each day with a wide variety of dairy products delivered to us from Clover-Stornetta in Petaluma; this delivery is quite big, quite early, and takes nearly 2 hours to unload! Between 4-5 am, our customer orders begin to come together, get loaded on trucks, and head out to be delivered. 

Wholesale orders come in throughout the previous day by phone, email, or web. Our Home delivery customers have it easy and typically have a weekly standing order and simply let us know of any changes as needed.

Wholesale deliveries are made with an invoice at delivery. Home deliveries are detailed in a statement that goes out monthly by email. Payments arrive by mail though many customers save a stamp and leave them for pick up when we deliver. (We’re an honest & trustworthy crew at MTM.)

Credit cards are accepted for customers willing to bear the fees and automatic direct-deposit is just as easy to set up.

We run an easy-going operation based on customer service and keep the formalities to a minimum. Feel free to try us for a spell and see if our deliveries provide you with the convenience we hope they will.

No obligations… no worries…



Give us a try…